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Q. How much does it cost to participate?

A. Approximately $1 gets you started (Bitcoin).  Our system auto upgrades you and or you can manually upgrade to higher levels to bypass waiting on the system alone to move you to the next level (when you manually upgrade, your reserved funds for auto upgrades are released to you).

Q. Will some people pay for higher levels manually and bypass me from getting those payouts?

A. Only the smart ones will upgrade, as Fast as They Can, through the entire Matrium.  The others will simply wait on the system to advance them and, wonder why they are not getting the massive payouts.

Q. Do you have a PIF or Pay-It-Forward program?

A. Yes, one of the best.

Q. Payouts?

A. Instant via your "receiving" Bitcoin Wallet (minimum threshold is 0.00041 BTC assessed by our Bitcoin Provider).

Q. Refunds?

A. None.  Do not pay your $1 if you cannot afford it.

Q. Where do I enter my "receiving" Wallet address?

A. It is entered on the payments page.

Q. Can I use any Bitcoin Wallet provider?

A. Yes.  Our processor is Coinpayments however, they accept any Bitcoin Wallet provider that allows you to send payment.

Q. Spillover?

A. Yes however, we suggest you do not rely on spill alone (hey, it's a buck, come on... you must decide to NOT be poor. It is your decision, not ours. Red Pill or Blue Pill).

Q. How much is reserved for the auto upgrades?

A. Usually it is equal to the first two positions of the previous level or less.

Q. Product?

A. It is a crowdfunding platform (coming soon, you will be able to upload your specific "cause" and others will not only be able to participate in The Matrium $1 (so basically, you pay a buck for your listing) but, will also have their specific cause available for the entire Matrium to view and donate to separately and directly, if they so choose).